Gun Rights Legislative Alert – H. 3292 Anti-Gun Rights in South Carolina

Gun Rights Legislative Alert – H. 3292 Anti-Gun Rights in South Carolina

Anti-gun legislation (gun control) is being considered in South Carolina.

H. 3292 will be on the agenda of the full House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Jan 24 at 2:30 pm.

H. 3292 WAS the pro gun constitutional carry bill introduced by Rep. Mike Pitts. BUT, Rep. Thad Viers – the chair of the General Laws subcommittee – gutted the pro gun bill and substituted his Viers amendment. The Viers amendment replaced the Mike Pitts language with unconstitutional gun control. You can read all about the Viers amendment on the GrassRoots web site at GrassRoots has been prohibited by the court from updating the web site since last April, but the info is still accurate. See our post “What Happened to Grassroots” to the right hand side of our web site. We are acting because Grassroots has been silenced.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing lawsuit and court restraining order against GrassRoots, GrassRoots can NOT appear at the meeting or contact any politicians explaining how the unconstitutional anti gun Viers amendment needs to be voted down and the GrassRoots proposed amendments to the original H. 3292 be adopted and passed instead. All of this can be found on the GrassRoots web site. . . .

Read more here on the anti-gun rights legislation.

If anyone reading this would like to comment and update us as to what did happen on the vote, please do. Thanks so much.

2 thoughts on “Gun Rights Legislative Alert – H. 3292 Anti-Gun Rights in South Carolina

  1. We are happy to announce that the bill was sent back to the subcommittee to be reworked and did not pass with the anti-gun amendment attached to it. H3292 is not expected to move forward. This is very good news.

  2. Thank you for updating us on the legislation. Much appreciated. And, yes, that is very good news.

    And, I would like to know more about the Jason Dickey case your site,, mentions. Is there a link to read more about this? Sounds like an incredible hassle and then all that he faced just to get out of prison, wow.

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